Art Studios, Galleries, and Theater

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The city is also home to a hub of art studios that rival other major artistic hubs in the country. With 125 art studios and galleries, the city is perfect for those who love to experience artwork at it’s finest. From Native American to contemporary works, the city is bustling with so much to offer those who seek the artistic. Because the city is abundantly packed with highly rated galleries, Mesa has been rated as being one of the top five art gallery cities in the United States.

The city also offers over 30 show theaters offering a wide variety of show venues and experiences. For people who love the theater, the city offers the chance to explore an ever-changing offering covered by Palm Gardens RV Park. From comedy to off-Broadway, improv, jazz, puppeteers, pianists, world-class magicians, medieval tournaments and murder mystery shows, and a wide array of musical shows including the regionally acclaimed Phoenix Symphony. Mesa also has water parks, an aquarium and a zoo which makes it great for families too.

Equestrian Events

equestrian arizonaFor equestrian lovers, Mesa has a wide offering of events and competitions throughout the year. The West World exhibition complex is well known for housing some of the areas most widely attended equestrian events. The facility hosts over 90 equestrian events throughout the year and is the single biggest event type at the center with local concerts being second. Equestrian events take place at the center an average of 247 days a year, and they are attended by over 225,000 visitors annually.