Winter Vacationing and Snow Birding

arizona winter vacation
Mesa is also widely known as one of the top winter vacation and snow-bird destinations in the country. Travelers from as far away as Canada come to the region to vacation or winter over. With the warm dry air that settles over Mesa from October to March it is a perfect place for people who are trying to vacation in a warmer climate during the harshness of winter. With ample places to shop, dine, visit and relax, affordable manufactured homes are the pinnacle of comfort for snow birds.

When it comes to shopping, the city has some of the best high-end shops and galleries. The city features both world-class boutiques, classic high-end department stores as well as every major retail chain shopping store that shoppers could need. This allows people vacationing in the area to get everything from suntan lotion to imported fine European crystal.

When it comes to dining and nightlife, the city has no shortage of diversity. In fact, Mesa offers over 900 local restaurants offering both premier dining experiences for almost every palate and all the basics for inexpensive dining as well.

arizona nighclubsIn addition, the city has an abundant nightlife that is continuously highly rated for nightclub offerings in the country. Presently, there are nearly 60 top nightclubs in the city located in distinct nightclub districts. Because of this, Mesa has been rated as one of the best nightclub cities in America. Some of its more infamous nightclub districts rank among other top major nightclub districts in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York.

When it comes to high-end casino gambling, just on the outskirts of the city is the Talking Stick four-star resort and casino. With over 240,000 square feet of gaming, the resort has no shortage of excitement. From world-class shows to golf and their highly noted high-end gambling, the resort is a premier facility for people who love to enjoy high-end casino entertainment.

Medical Tourism

While not always boasted the city is also a premier destination for medical tourism. Because the city is home to one of three world-renowned Mayo clinics, people are well known to travel to the city to receive some of the best medical treatment in the world.

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