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Reverse Mortgage Power Point Presentations

As part of our mortgage educational campaign, the Center for Mortgage Educational Technologies designs and circulates well prepared informative power point presentations to provide information on reverse mortgages. These power point presentations cover various aspects of reverse mortgages and can be downloaded on the appropriate page on our website. A request for the presentations on DVD can be initiated by sending us a mail with your name and shipping address. Usually you have to pay for cost of DVD production as well as for shipping to your address. The power point presentations make use of sound and visuals to provide quality reverse mortgage information.   

“All About Reverse Mortgages” is a 15 minute presentation that covers all the basics information on reverse mortgages. It can serve as a visual reverse mortgage reference library. It contains information regarding a bit of reverse mortgage history, how to qualify, types and other needed data. This presentation was designed to help seniors who were contemplating reverse mortgage loans and had questions on the subject. After the presentation the viewer is more equipped on how to undertake seeking out a reverse mortgage loan 

“Reverse Mortgages; Self Assessment” is another 15 minute power point presentation. This one is designed to help the viewer access him or herself critically to see if a reverse mortgage loan would be appropriate for them. The presentation begins by analyzing the features of reverse mortgage loans and how it differs from regular mortgages. Then it explains what such features of reverse mortgage could mean to you as well as the associated costs of taking a reverse mortgage loan. At the end of the presentation the viewer is able to critically access whether a reverse mortgage loan is the best option. 

The “CMET Presentation” is a 20 minutes power play presentation covering the scope of activities of the Center for Mortgage Educational Technologies. It showcases a bit of the history as well as the mission and visions of the center. Viewers are able to better understand the range of activities carried out internationally by the center.

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