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In this technique a light source emitting a narrow spectral line of characteristic energy  which is used to excite the free atoms formed in the flame or atomized.  The decrease in energy (absorption) is the measured by detector.  The absorption is directly proportional to the concentration of free atoms in the flame or electrothermal atomizer.
Accessories :
1. Graphite furnace 

This attachment is used for the detection of elemental impurities in  ppb or ppt level. The sample volume required  for analysis  is  in few micro litter.
Sample quantity : 2-3 ?l / element ( liquid sample) or 1-2 gm solid sample.
2. Hydride  Generator
This technique is used for  the analysis of  trace metal impurities in  ppb level. Detection of certain hydride forming elements like As, Sb, Bi, Sn, Se, Te & Hg, can be precisely analyzed  which are not  possible to detect in flame AAS or ICP-OES at low level.
Sample quantity : 
1-2 gm (solid sample) or 10-15 ml/element ( liquid sample)
Detection limits : 
  • Flame  AAS  : ppm level
  • Graphite furnace  : ppb to ppt level
  • Hybride generatior : ppb level
Applications :
Analysis of trace metal impurities from Inorganic/Organic / Polymer/Glass/ Ceramic Geological sample/ Biological samples up to ppb and in some cases in ppt level.

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